Advertising/PR: Mike Gasper, Terry McGrath
BUG Program: Dan Wenning, Bill Bruton
Cheer Fund: Ron Ellis, Mike Gasper, Jim Harrison
Concession Stands: Jim Harrison, Mike Gasper, Richard Young, Bill Bruton
Foundation & Service Projects: Melody Stone, Dean Holcomb
Highway Cleanup: Richard Young
Key Club Liaison: Dan Wenning, Mike Fox
Membership: Mike Fox, Richard Young
Nominating Committee: Melody Stone, Mark Koors
Park Upkeep: Jim Harrison, Mark Koors, Mike Gasper
Programs: Mike Fox
Scholarships/Letter Jackets: Mark Koors, Melody Stone
Senior Citizen’s Dinner: Mike Fox, Jim Harrison, Ron Ellis, Derek Chastain and Calvin Holcomb
Top 10 Seniors Banquet: Chris Bierhaus, Jim Harrison, Mark Koors
Youth Baseball: Mike Gasper, Dean Holcomb. Jim Harrison, Ron Ellis, Steve Hodgson
Youth to Yellowstone: Dan Wenning